Short report on – Punta Arenas and in between

So I said I’d give a short report on food scene in Punta Arenas, the small town we first landed in Chile.

We only had a chance to try a couple meals and here is what we thought. The town is really small, and you can tell its energy level is closely correlated with the travel seasons. There are not many restaurant establishments to be explored per say.

But we stumbled upon a cafe near the downtown square that makes tasty yet cheap food, and hung out with the locals a bit as well. With a lot of wood structures and furniture in it, the cafe gave a nice relaxing vibe. The sandwich was pretty good but I cannot remember the name of the cafe.


The next day, we were on the road from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales and in between, we stopped by this family hotel/restaurant – “Hotel Posada Rio Rubens”, since 1929.


We went for a burger in which the cow was raised by the owners. The burger was divine!!! The juicy, tender and perfectly season patty went so well with the rest simple ingredients, plus a nice cup of latte – we were content! If you ever stop by the restaurant, do not hesitate to give the grandma and grandpa who run the building a hug, they are super friendly. 🙂

Next time, I will give a detailed list of establishments we had the privilege to eat in Nacional Parque Torres del Paine.


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