Cooking in High Elevation

Living at an elevation of 5430 ft means a lot of things, and it definitely means cooking is different from most places. It’s dry and arid, and most importantly, the air pressure is lower.

That means, water boiling point is lower, things take longer to cook. Baking goods rise a lot easier. Doughs need more water than sea-level preparation. So, when you find my recipe timing, or temperature, or liquid volume a bit *off*, please adjust and tweak the recipes according to your liking and your location.

If you are living in even higher elevation than me, then a great guide I found was here, suggestions made from research done by CSU:

I find this brochure tremendously helpful especially when I cook somewhere at low elevation and I use the advice reversely. It constantly reminds me of how a change in the environment affects the technique and the outcome.

Enjoy cooking! 🙂


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