Short report on – Punta Arenas and in between

So I said I’d give a short report on food scene in Punta Arenas, the small town we first landed in Chile.

We only had a chance to try a couple meals and here is what we thought. The town is really small, and you can tell its energy level is closely correlated with the travel seasons. There are not many restaurant establishments to be explored per say.

But we stumbled upon a cafe near the downtown square that makes tasty yet cheap food, and hung out with the locals a bit as well. With a lot of wood structures and furniture in it, the cafe gave a nice relaxing vibe. The sandwich was pretty good but I cannot remember the name of the cafe.


The next day, we were on the road from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales and in between, we stopped by this family hotel/restaurant – “Hotel Posada Rio Rubens”, since 1929.


We went for a burger in which the cow was raised by the owners. The burger was divine!!! The juicy, tender and perfectly season patty went so well with the rest simple ingredients, plus a nice cup of latte – we were content! If you ever stop by the restaurant, do not hesitate to give the grandma and grandpa who run the building a hug, they are super friendly. 🙂

Next time, I will give a detailed list of establishments we had the privilege to eat in Nacional Parque Torres del Paine.


Feasting on the go – Puerto Natales, Patagonia


As an avid hiker, Patagonia always has a special place in my heart and this year everything came together, we finally decided to pay a visit to this outdoors men’s wonderland.

I will start with a cool city, Puerto Natales. We had tried quite a few places that were fantastic.

Let me start with a coffee shop. Is there any better place to be when you can plan a sea kayak tour while sipping on a cup of wonderful latte and looking out to the mountains and lagune around you?


This coffee shop named “Kau” is on the edge of this small town up against the lagune and looking out to a mountain range. They make great latte and cappuccino and a sea kayaking company is situated in the same place where you can walk up and book a trip. Possibly the ONE coffee shop with the best view I have ever been, lol.

Next, a brewery. Coming from the Napa Valley of Beer, we seek out local beers and breweries whenever given a chance. In this town, Baguales is a good stop.


Husband liked their pale ale better than the dark, but both were pretty good. But things tasted somewhat, hmm, familiar. And of course, reading on the history of the brewery, we learned that the owners do California-style craft ales, if they are not already Californians. 😛



For a bar, their food is pretty decent. The burgers were a bit too greasy as usual bar food. But their tacos were done well. We had Carnitas and vegetables. I especially liked the Carnitas tacos.

Next, we recommend a pizza place suggested by our Italian nomad friend from hostel – Mesita Grande, which is located in the town’s oldest commercial building.




All the pizzas were made to order, super fresh and well made. The topping portions were generous but not overwhelming. One pizza feeds one very hungry person, or two leisure eaters.



In terms of other food items, while the pasta with lamb was just ok – a little bit dry and under seasoned, the spinach cream soup was quite hearty and hit the spot.

I saved the last for the best – an Italian restaurant infused with Spanish flare – Aldea. It was quite funny that, we told the owner/chef that we were from Boulder, CO and the owner were like, yeah, I know Boulder, my brother lives in Fort Collins. What a small world!



Best sauteed wild mushrooms, need I say more? Lol. Husband ordered a mushroom gnocchi on top of the appetizer, and there was no doubt he was hooked. The flavor was earthy, savory, with depth. With just a little bit firmness, the gnocchi was soft but not gooey, which was great.


I on another hand had their seafood risotto. It was Patagonia’s lamb and salmon season. Oh my gosh, the freshness! The various seafoods were well executed.


The dessert was good, but a little acidic (because of the fruit) to my taste.


But over all, this was a very satisfactory visit, we were surprised to be fed so well in this tiny town on the edge of the world.

There was this other restaurant called “Afrigonia“, that caught our attention as well. I have heard good things about the food, but also it also seems to have a high price tag.

Next, I will give a short repost on Punta Arenas and nearby. Thanks for reading!